British Sea Power - Salty Water

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What is Germinal/Floréal etc?

These are taken from the French Revolutionary calendar.


What have they released?

The Decline Of British Sea Power
Open Season
Fear Of Drowning
Remember Me
The Lonely
Childhood Memories
Remember Me (re-release)
A Lovely Day Tomorrow
It Ended On An Oily Stage
Please Stand Up
For full information on releases, see the Discography.

What bookcovers are used on the releases?

Fear Of Drowning - The Tunnel (front) / A Wooden Horse (back) by Eric Williams
Remember Me - ?
The Lonely - ?
Childhood Memories - Wildlife Of Britain by F Frazer Darling
The Decline Of British Sea Power - ?
Carrion - The House Of The Dead by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Remember Me (re-release) - ?

Why does Amazon list a Fear Of Drowning single on two CDs and How Will I Ever Find My Way Home? on two CDs and 7"?

These are a listing errors. FOD was going to be re-released, but they went for Remember Me instead. The How Will I Ever Find My Way Home? single was cancelled. Neither releases exist.


What are the clips the band play between songs live?

"Bree bop bree..."
The Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters
"Before we leave tonight we'd like to say a special thank you. We'd very much like to thank everybody, especially to our friends in the music business and to our wonderful freinds here, and all of you out there, for your great loyalty. This is not goodbye it's just goodnight, and we'll see you soon."
Alan Freed's final broadcast after being fired over the Payola scandal.

"Are they coming? No, not yet. You can see some eagles. And hear the trumpets..."
Triumphal March by TS Eliot

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