British Sea Power - Salty Water

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The Decline Of British Sea Power Rough Trade June 2003
Open Season Rough Trade April 2005

Singles & EPs

Fear Of Drowning Golden Chariot July 2001
Remember Me Rough Trade December 2001
The Lonely Rough Trade April 2002
Childhood Memories Rough Trade November 2002
Carrion / Apologies To Insect Life Rough Trade June 2003
Remember Me Rough Trade October 2003
A Lovely Day Tomorrow Rough Trade Bohemia April 2004
It Ended On An Oily Stage Rough Trade March 2005
Please Stand Up Rough Trade May 2005
Thirteen Ways To Disappear N/A October 2005
Remember Me / I Am A Cider Drinker Rough Trade November 2005


The Decline Of British Sea Power [Japan] Toy's Factory August 2003
The Decline Of British Sea Power [USA] Rough Trade America September 2003
Remember Me EP [Japan] Toy's Factory December 2003
The Spirit Of St. Louis EP [Japan] Toy's Factory July 2004
Open Season [Japan] Toy's Factory March 2005
Open Season [USA] Rough Trade America April 2005


Rough Trade - 25 Rough Trade November 2003
Rough Trade - A Brilliantine Mortality Rough Trade February 2004
The Isle Of Wight Festival 2004 (DVD) N/A June 2005

Prior Offences

Blind - Invisible Man N/A ?? 1994
Brighter Lunch - Going My Way N/A ?? 2001
Brighter Lunch - Call A Medic Monkey Tennis October 2001


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