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A Lovely Day Tomorrow clips online

30-second clips of the A Lovely Day Tomorrow re-recordings are being hosted on the Czech Radio 1 website. The direct links to the mp3s are here:

Posted on 25th March 2004

Tugboat on iTunes

If you haven’t got it already, a cover of Galaxie 500’s Tugboat by BSP is available to buy from the Apple iTunes store, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Posted on 7th March 2004

Tour posters on sale

You can buy two tour posters from the BSP Shop. They are very good, I must say, and you get excellent service courtesy of the wonderful Jo Shop. Buy them. Now.

Posted on 7th March 2004

A Lovely Day Tomorrow

Good afternoon. Full details of the Czech A Lovely Day Tomorrow single have been announced. 1,942 copies of the single are being produced and shall be sold on the band’s UK tour and via the official website, giving it a “release date” of 17th April. That’s when the tour starts, for the less observant of you. Katerina Winterova from The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa will take vocal duties on the first track, which is – believe it or not – A Lovely Day Tomorrow. The second track also has Katherina on vocals, and it goes by the name of Zítra Bude Krásný Den. That’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow, but in Czech. British Sea Power return to vocals for the final song, Fakir. It’s a Czech folk song from the 1930s, performed at the recent Sonic Boom Instore in Seattle.

Posted on 6th March 2004

Welcome to Salty Water…


Posted on 1st March 2004

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