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BSP’s Songs Of 2004

Dutch website 3 Voor 12 has added an article where BSP select their favourite songs of the year. Denise has kindly translated the article to English, and can be read below:

Who are walking around in Amsterdam? They’re no less than British Sea Power. That’s why it’s time for a guerrilla interview to ask for their Songs of the Year. Choosing titles is a democratic process to the young British lads. Everyone gets a part of the list, so they can all choose their favourite song from their part of the list. And just before bass player Hamilton turns his paper into a muzzle and pretends to swallow it in a theatrical way… the guys have made a decision. With the following results:

1. Al Green – A Million To One
“Do you know that story that he became a preacher after he threw hot pulp on his girlfriends back? No? Well, then you’ll probably listen in a different way to his music and definitely to this song.”

2. The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
“At the moment they need all the support they can get.”

3. Sonic Youth – Stones
“Sonic Youth, always good.”

4. The Pixies – Bam Thwok
“We played with them in Japan at a festival under the Fuji mountain and they were amazing – a good memory for 2004. We actually don’t know this song – oh it’s only on iTunes.”

5. Freeform Five featuring Bounty Killer – Eeeaaaooww
“Never underestimate the importance of a good songtitle.”

And gone they are, off to town, creating inspiration for they performance that evening in the Paradiso, for the Rough Trade Night.

The original interview can be read at

Posted on 29th November 2004

Noble talks about Leeds gig

I’m a bit late with this (oh come on it’s only 23 days late), but… Playlouder have posted an article about the forthcoming gig in Leeds, for MHA Care. It features a small comment about the event by Noble.

Posted on 25th November 2004

Paradiso webcast

Fab Channel will be broadcasting live video the band’s performance at the Amsterdam Paradiso this Saturday night (27th November). British Sea Power are on stage at 9pm GMT. The show will also be archived on the site.

Posted on 23rd November 2004

NME article plus DJing at Club NME

This week’s NME (Green Day on the cover) features an article on the recent Club Sea Power events. The band will also be DJing at a Club NME in Brighton this Friday (19th November). Here’s more:

Dear All,

If you would like the chance to dance or gesticulate to New Order, The Ronettes, Sir John Betjeman and the Supermarine Spitfire, then best head to Brighton Concorde 2 this Friday, 19 November. Members of British Sea Power will be performing in the role of disc-jockey at Club NME.

In a spirit of rapprochement and reconciliation, BSP have agreed to DJ at Club NME – on the basis that the newspaper will publish a major MC Hammer retrospective this side of Christmas. The evening runs from 10pm-2am and will also feature The Mutts, The Ludes and McQueen live on tour. BSP will DJ in the bar from 11pm onwards and then in the main room from 1-2am.

The Concorde 2 is on Madeira Drive in Brighton. Entrance is £6, or £5 with appropriate student ID. You will get £2 off the entrance price if you turn up with the voucher on page 39 in this week’s NME (or maybe a crafty colour copy thereof). This NME represents reasonable value, featuring as it does a gripping two-page report on BSP’s recent Club Sea Power tour.

With thanks.

The Secretary

Posted on 17th November 2004

Noble on the new album

Thanks to Simon for typing up this small piece written by Noble about the recording of the new album, taken from the recent issue of The Fly:

“Rockfield was lovely, with Daisy the attractive heifer, a green woodpecker licking for ants every evening on the lawn and the chance to use the echo room that King Freddie Frouk utilised on Bohemian Rhapsody. We’re in Kore as we write, where the main entertainment has been Axl, the studios juvenile miniature greyhound. All the while, we have been drinking Cherry B, Barnstormer white cider and Amarula Wild fruit cream, the delicious liqueur made from the Amarula tree. In fact, Axl is one of two guest vocalists to date, the other being a very well known gymnast. Working song titles include ‘Chicken Pig’, ‘Entering The Human Heart’, ‘Gingham And Dope’ and ‘Scale Model Shit Factory’.”

Posted on 9th November 2004

Leeds gig announced

British Sea Power will play live at The Cockpit in Leeds on the 17th December. Profits raised will go towards building a new MHA Care home in Leeds. The gig will run until 10pm, with doors open at 7pm. Tickets can be bought from See Tickets.

Posted on 22nd October 2004

Rough Trade Night in Amsterdam

British Sea Power will play the Amsterdam Paradiso on the 27th November as part of a Rough Trade Night. The Delays and The Detroit Cobras will also play, among others.

Posted on 15th October 2004

Bristol gig error

British Sea Power will not be playing in Bristol on the 1st November. Here is a message from The Secretary:

Dear All,

Unfortunately, despite tickets having gone on sale, British Sea Power are NOT playing at Bristol Thekla on 1 November.

The band do not have a show booked for Bristol in the forseeable future.

There has, apparently, been a breakdown in communication somewhere outwith the BSP organisation, resulting in tickets erroneously going on sale for this Bristol show. Though BSP look forward to playing in attractive Brizzle as soon as possible, this November show was never confirmed on our part.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and irritation caused to anyone by the fact of these tickets going on sale. We are sure there will be a full refund etc. We are now checking on the mechanics of this and will be back in touch ASAP.

Once again, sorry about this. More information will follow soon.

With thanks.

The Secretary

Please contact your ticket outlet for details on how to obtain a refund.

Posted on 17th September 2004

Bristol Sea Power

British Sea Power will play the Thekla in Bristol on the 1st of November. Apparently it’s a club on a boat, which sounds interesting. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. {thanks Kevo}

Posted on 14th September 2004

Manchester and London dates

The band are now confirmed to play Manchester Academy on the 3rd November and The Garage in London on the 4th. Tickets will be on sale at Ticketmaster shortly.

Posted on 10th September 2004

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