British Sea Power - Salty Water

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Remember Me (re-release)

Actually, I think, we've been here before; indeed, first time around, we said that...
"'Remember Me' is an epic of an opus of a song, with scorching, dissatisfied guitars and a scowling, bronchial, Curtis-like lead vocal. And yet still the fragile beauty of the melody, and the charred emotion of the lyric remain clear... It all adds up to one of the most refreshing, vital, cobweb clearing records of the year."

...and we still say that, leaving us to expound upon the virtues of the scandalously tossed-aside extra track (CD1) 'Salty Water'; a beautiful, hushed ballad that is no less sizeable in scope than its lead-off track, but quite possibly even better.

Obviously, it's not a state requirement to love BSP (yet), but if you don't, you're a foolish, cold-hearted bastard, and that's all there is to it.

Author: Tim Scudder
Source: Drowned In Sound
Date: 20th October 2003

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