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Where The Stars Are At

James Berry asks British Sea Power, 'Where's Your Head At?'

They're purported to have a real interest in Czech poetry and Eastern European architecture. They share their stage with an owl, a heron and a hawk (or something nearby, we're no experts). They've been supported by a family called The Cooper Family, who are really a family called Cooper. They could have just met journalists in neglected, damp North London boozers for interviews like everyone else does, instead they chose to issue Ordinance Survey co-ordinates and rendezvous with their interrogator at a site of environmental or historical interest. They're no hippies though. There's not quite enough love in their eyes. You may have heard some or all of these things mentioned before, but some things are worth stressing. And woe you if you disregard all you've heard before you've actually experienced them. I mean, their press releases makes the hairs stand up on the back on our neck, ferchristsake! That's how special they are. They also have an album called 'The Decline of British Sea Power' which is as deep as it is wide and beautiful and is released on June 2. Noble, guitars, (and possibly others) engaged with some technology during their May tour, to let us know where his head's at, roughly.

1. Where are you now and what can you see?
I am on tour in the UK at a computer machine in Warwick University. I can see a few trees, a blue sky and a few buildings and about 400 pigeon holes with paper in them.

2. What was the last thing you ate?
A vegetarian breakfast for £1.25 in the student union. A bargain. We get a free buffet on the rider, but this was too much of a bargain to pass up on. I also had an apple and a nice cup of tea.

3. What was the last thing you hated really quite passionately?
At the venue in Northampton last night, the first song the soundman put on was Nickelback. I rushed to the CD player and turned it off before I vomited.

4. What's the next piece of music you intend to buy?
The Clangers album, it's actually really good. Maybe The Thrills' album, reminds me of the good time music like Teenage Fanclub. I am going to buy all The Copper Family's albums because they're great - a family whose songs have been passed down for 200 years. Tales of tending the land, drinking ale, the good times of Old England, and walking through the countryside. I've lost my copy of the Joe Meek and the Blue Men album 'I Hear A New World'. One of the most amazing records ever (if you ignore the Pinky and Perky voices).

5. What was the last film you saw?
The Shining again for the fifth time, still scares the living daylights out of me. Jack Nicholson is a true mentalist in that film. The bus has a very limited number of films. Its full of American Pie, Animal House and South Park which is ok, but you realise that people are turning into these characters. It's scary.

6. What did you dream about last night?
Eamon dreamt about girls as always. Hamilton dreamt about being chased by a kangaroo.

7. What's the most important thing you've ever done?
To decide that it isn't important to belong to popular culture. That popular culture is a tad stupid. Respect the aged and mad folk. Embrace the ridiculous. Noble got his Chief Scout award and Chief scout challenge. He's very proud of that.

8. What one place in the world do you wish you'd never been?
Temping agencies. They are full of arseholes.

9. Denim, leather or khaki?
Leather underwear. Denim beany hat. Khaki handkerchief.

10. Any plans for tomorrow?
Relax. We are going back to Brighton for the day so I will take a trip down to the beach with a few ales and watch the West Pier burning. It's amazing that no one is trying to find out who the arsonists were, it's quite obvious that the Council have paid for some cronies to burn it so the Council doesn't have to pay for it to be taken apart by man power. There's a huge flock of starlings that roost there and the arson attacks will have burnt all the hatchlings and the new nests. Barbarians.

Author: James Berry
Source: Crud Magazine
Date: 6th October 2003

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