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5 Questions To Yan

Hi Yan, where are you right now and how are you doing?
I am currently sat at the feet of the Long Man of Wilmington, recording answers for you on my antiquated dictaphone which I also use to record the sounds of weather and animals in the style of Eric Simms. Like a pig in mud.

Can you tell us shortly when and how did the band get started?
Spring 2000 AD. A mutual love of over trouser mountain socks led first to explorations of the local countryside and then to each others record collections.

When people talk about BSP they name Bowie, the Pixies, Joy Division. Who is your biggest influence?
A little known song writer called Geoff Goddard who worked with legendary producer Joe Meek. I was fortunate to share the task of scrubbing pots and pans with Geoff on many an afternoon several years ago.

It seems like there is a concept behind your beautiful record covers, whose idea/concept is it?
The designs are all appropriated book sleeves. Mostly decades old it seemed to big a shame to let these beautifully modern designs fade into history. I guess it was mostly my idea.

Your last tour was excellent, from the music to the visuals, what shall we expect next?
My personal top tip would be to check us out on a full moon and you may see parts of the official fleet reserve even his mother doesnt see nowadays. Rumours of a lesser spotted Grizzly bear are also abound so be prepared to take your life in your hands.

Author: Lor15
Source: De-Baser
Date: 19th November 2003

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