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Burn It!

Who has the "strongest legs in Pontefract?" and who sounds like a "one-armed chimp"? BSP guitarist Noble is your guide.

Floréal CCXI
A collection of recorded music from both male and female players.
All proceeds to The League For Children's Pity.

1. Interpol - 'Leif Erikson'
"Hail to the magnificent Interpol. Here, the human heart is subject to extreme wind-chill factors and a big battering of Force 10 on the Beaufort Scale."

2. John Leyton - 'Johnny Remember Me'
"A Number One hit of yesteryear, this was written by the late Geoff Goddard and produced by the equally late Joe Meek."

3. Julian Cope - 'Out of My Mind On Dope And Speed'
"Garage rock sounding like it's being played by a one-armed chimp wearing a boxing glove."

4. The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - 'Psychosis Safari'
"An invincible and international hit from the demimondaine lords of Olde Brighthelmstone."

5. Sir John Betjeman - 'The Licorice Fields of Pontefract'
"With instrumental backing sounding like Lou Reed with the Brighouse and Rastrick Colliery Band, the dear, dead Poet Laureate tells it like it is: 'Red hair she had and golden skin / Her sulky lips were shaped for sin / Her sturdy legs were flannel-sacked / The strongest legs in Pontefract'. The dirty devil.

6. Tatu - 'All The Things She Said'
"Are they really from Lesbos? Are they Lithuanian? Are they Turks? We do not mind. To write pop music as potent and intriguing as this is maybe the most difficult thing of all."

7. Neil Young - 'Through My Sails'
"Almost as pleasing to the senses as pissing in a stream."

8. Bessie Smith - 'Gulf Coast Blues'
"In the first half of the 20th century, Bessie enlivened the world with her unearthly blues and habit of battering members of the Ku Klux Klan.

9. The Streets - 'Don't Mug Yourself'
"Brilliant stuff. An improvised version of this greasy gem is a regular part of the BSP set-closing tantrum known as 'Rock In A'."

10. Pavement - 'In The Mouth A Desert'
"Pavement have melodic and lyrical content to, at least, match Mozart and Dickens."

Author: N/A
Source: NME
Date: 7th June 2003

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