British Sea Power - Salty Water

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Carling Festival: Reading, Reading, UK

Later in the weekend, a few hundred yards away on the main stage, Slipknot will scream like injured bears and play big drums like monkeys. Being too ugly to be seen in public they will wear joke shop masks and - in a nod to their previous careers? - dress in boiler suits. We hereby declare them nothing but scary plumbers after an ill judged visit to the fancy dress shop. On the other hand the wholesomely organic British Sea Power choose to adorn themselves in tights, flying goggles and hats stuffed with branches. What all this has to do with their music is confusing but it's preferable to the plumber thing.

Emerging onto the stage through their stage props of trees and stuffed owls, Yan is a man hypnotised, he could no doubt stare for Britain. Maybe it was too many days as a child playing in the woods with the fairies, or conversing with owls in the fauna, but whatever it was it's done him good. BSP are one of the weekends true originals, they go all Bowie on "The Lonely", make a fine spiky racket on "The Spirit of St. Louis" and sound like not much else around. They're another reason why this year the Carling stage offered up the goods, you don't see stuff exactly like this on the Main Stage. Style versus substance, always a good topic for beer fuelled crap talking sessions, then again, maybe it's all just a joke. The thinking goes on.

Author: badly worded boy
Source: The Stereo Effect
Date: 23rd August 2002

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