British Sea Power - Salty Water

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It Ended On An Oily Stage

Imagine if every band you ever loved had a musical love child, and unleashed that creation on the world. Imagine that it occasionally channelled the spirit of Joy Division's Ian Curtis, with a possessed fervour and military fatigues. That child would probably be called British Sea Power.

Brighton's current favourite sons skip from chanting monks to rocking guitars with the snap of a finger. However, lead single 'It Ended On An Oily Stage', taken from their second album 'Open Season', has a more melodic tone to it. Still, any band who appears to have entered the scene 50 years after their time and prefer to talk about the beauties of the Lake District rather than drug addictions, all the time leaving a dent in the alternative scene with a mark the size of a WW2 shell crater deserves praise.

Of course variety is great, there's nothing worse than being unable to distinguish between artists' songs. Nonetheless they're a far stronger outfit when they attack a song rather than weaving their way through different sounds to arrive at a more pleasant-sounding tune.

While 'It Ended On An Oily Stage' is the kind of single most bands would be proud of, British Sea Power have more than enough potential to top it. If only they could store their stage excitement and passion onto more of their records. Now, where are those chanting monks?


Author: Andy Hopkins
Source: Fake DIY
Date: 21st March 2005

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